International Selkirk Loop

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I am fascinated by the International Selkirk Loop! As byways go, it’s not talked about very much. That’s a shame, since it crosses so much gorgeous territory – mountains, lakes, and rivers. It’s situated in the quietest parts of Idaho, Washington state, and – grab your passport – British Columbia. As the picture above suggests, it’s a great place to take your motorcycle, especially during the mild summers.


International Selkirk Loop – Google Maps


This winding international loop takes travelers through a valley in the American and Canadian Rockies. The valley was formed by the Kootenay River and Lake, which drivers will find themselves driving alongside for quite a while in a postcard-esque landscape. The route even includes a the world’s longest free ferry, which sails across the Kootenay Lake. Something about driving your car onto a boat always excites me, and not the least of which because it reminds of the Outer Banks ferries.


Old postcard of Canada Highway 3A



This is a drive you take when you want to get waaaay out there. There are a handful of sparsely populated towns that dot the map along the Selkirk Loop, but there are no major cities anywhere close. The location of the scenic byway certainly contributes to this isolated feeling. Yet even in its isolation, the roads are great quality even while they wind and twist as mountain roads so often want to do. One traveler on TripAdvisor aptly referred to it as “a motorcyclist’s dream.”


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