Highways & Byways is a casual family game.

Race across the United States in your first used car. You’re on a mission to explore all places beautiful and forgotten before your vacation is over!

Plan your route by choosing byways. Then travel across the country a little bit every day, planning around highway construction, moody weather, and your car’s pesky tendency to break down!

Highways & Byways is great for board gaming couples and families. It takes only 10 minutes to learn, yet there are multiple paths to victory. Don’t let the simplicity fool you – it’s also very replayable!



Featured Game Mechanics

Point-to-Point Movement: At its heart, Highways & Byways is about traveling and exploration. You do this by moving around on the board along fixed points, like in Risk or Pandemic.

Card Drafting: This is how you plot your course. All players take turn drawing their destinations from a small pool of cards. This will feel familiar to Ticket to Ride players.

Variable Player Powers: Every player gets a unique car that comes with special abilities. These abilities range from immunity from certain bad events to moving faster on certain days.

Hand Management: Are you more afraid of mechanical failure or bad weather? Each player has the ability to determine their fate by deciding what to plan for – and what not to plan for!

Action Point Allowance System: Driving all day long can be a hassle. You can take breaks to swap out your Event Cards and improve your chances for the days to come.




1 Board
1 Box
1 Rulebook, 8 pages
72 Byway Cards
48 Event Cards
10 Construction Cards
4 Reference Cards
48 Travel Markers
4 Houses
4 Pawns